lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011


(a continuation of the previous entries from 1st of ESO)

Last Saturday morning I had breakfast, I cleaned my bedroom, I watched TV
and I played videogames. Later at one o'clock I packed my backpack and later
I went to the airport with my mum. We went to Lübeck with Ryanair and when
we arrived there my grandparents drove us to Hamburg. We arrived to Hamburg
at the evening, then we ate there and later I went to sleep.


(a continuation of the previous entries from 1st of ESO)

I had a really great day on Sunday. In the morning, I had pancakes for breakfast. Then my friend Marina came to my house and we went swimming. We swam in the new swimming pool next to my house. Next, my mum prepared the lunch. It was my favourite lunch - pizza with salami and extra cheese. After the lunch, Marina and me downloaded music from the computer. In the afternoon my father went with us to a shopping centre, there we bought a present for our favourite teacher Marimar. It was a fantastic Sunday!

Dakota's CHART.

(a continuation of the previous entries from 1st of ESO)

Last Sunday was the best day of the week, I and my friends:Andrea,Adrian,Maria,Miky,Patricia,Nicole and Selena went to a swimming-pool,Marina d'Or,in the pool the was a slide, and my 'mad' friends and I played there.We jumped,danced,smiled, and it was a fantastic day!! I love my friends,they are the best! Okey, bye bye.


(a continuation of the previous entries from 1st of ESO)

My favourite day was last Sunday.
First,I met Africa in the park and we played a lots of games.Then we walked to the beach, so we swam for one hour.After that , we went to my house and we prepared dinner and the dinner was pizza.Finally, at night we went to the cinema and we saw an adventure film and at eleven o'clock we went to the bed.
This Sunday was really great and funny!

jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011



The students of 1st of ESO (seccions Europees) have done a little paragraph about their own experiences on holidays. The goal of the activity was doing a blog entry about this topic to use the past simple tense. The result has been positive and interesting:

On Saturday morning, my friends and I went to the Mondragó beach. We swam a lot of time and we were ofen doing windsurf and sailing. Then at 13:00 pm we went to a restaurant to have lunch. After lunch we had a visit to the Natural Park. We walked for two hours and after we were tired. After that we returned to the beach. Here we bought ice- creams. In the evening we had a shower and then we went to the cinema. After we went to have lunch and we returned to our houses. It was a gret day and I want to repeat it.

Last Friday I went to Felanitx with Paula, Alicia and Cosima.
First I went to Paula's house and we went to Felanitx. Next we did a very difficult and very long exam. Then we went to the Auditorium and the “Magic Cloquell” broadcasted.
This day was fun, but the exam was very long!


Hi,I'm Paula and I'm 12. I'm explained what I was doing the last Wednesday.I went to Cala d'Or with my friends and the people from “La Seu d 'Urgell”. Arrived to Cala d'Or at 5 o'clock and all took the little train to go to a beach called “Cala Esmeralda”. It was fantastic, here were some people swim in the sea and we played with the ball, we walk on the rocks. etc. At seven o'clock, we took the train again and we went to Cala d'Or, we walked to the centre and the people from “La Seu d'Urgell” bought things in the tourist shops, it was a fantastic day!

Today I am going to talk of my sunday (yesterday). It was very funny. First in the morning, Iwatered the plants with my father. Then the afternoon was funny, my father and I, saw the formula 1 races. And finally we played my father, my sister and me football with the ball of the Real Madrid. I was the goalkeeper and I stopped the ball.

Yesterday morning we were at the cinema.We went to the cinema,by the bus.We went to eat to the Mc donald's.Then we saw the film,we saw “narnia”it was a great film.At night we went to Palma we were on the “paseo maritimo”.It was very romantic.After this great time we went to the”corte ingles”there were his mother,she waiting for us!!